Tactical Airwing Support

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Our drones assists us in mapping specific areas for the forensic division and allows us to determine and discourage threats during surveillance operations. We use drones to ultimately act as a pillar for our goal to combat cable theft.

The added situational awareness provided to security forces will help minimize risk to personnel and thermal tracking software can be used to ensure intruders are apprehended.

Drone Pilot flying drone, he is standing in front of his custom built canopy, the canopy's is designed with multiple monitors to optimize the pilots detection, and to help other employees to assist in his activities.
Looking over drone pilots shoulder at the controls.
Person pointing at a canopy monitor, indicating something in the thermal vision camera.

Drone Features

  • Speaker.
  • A dual spotlight and/or beacon.
  • GPS timestamping.
  • ADS-B receiver for monitoring nearby airplanes and helicopters.
  • 13 EV Enhanced HDR Photos.
  • 24GB on-board storage with password protected data.
  • Powerful and Portable FLIR Thermal Imaging.
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing.
  • 4K30p recording.

Ntamo Technologies UAV and Air support is the newest addition to Ntamo Technologies and we are ever expanding optimizing the UAV and Air support Division to increase your safety and satisfaction.

Drone used for security