Forensic Investigations

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Our Investigators specialize in infrastructure crime with vast experience ,knowledge and resources for strategic, operational and tactical investigations. The team is proficient in intelligence gathering and investigations through the entire value chain.. Evidence is obtained and compiled in dockets, which are then presented to law enforcement for prosecution on the Criminal Matters Amendment act 18 of 2015 and Second hand goods Act 6 of 2009.

Forensic investigations using the operational support vehicle from the drone pilot, to discuss their hypothesis and conclusions.
Forensic investigators taking notes and inspecting the area.
Operational support vehicle and a forensic investigator observing the area.

The head of the Forensic Investigations division specialized in the essential infrastructure field, with a background in prosecution.
Ntamo Technologies’ Forensic Investigations division has a combined 103 years of experience, gained from both the police services and the private sector.