Our technologies are generally not sold, but are provided under a lease agreement with a fully equipped SLA (Service Level Agreement) section.

Our Products

Alarm that detects low voltage installed in a Transformer

Low Voltage Universal Alarm

This solution can be applied to DX Transformers, Mini-Substations, Irrigation Pivots, LV Network Metering Kiosks and Electriification Networks.

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Pepper GAs Alarm System

GSM Pepper Gas Alarm

The Ntamo Technologies GSM Pepper Gas Alarm system is designed and manufactured to operate within enclosed buildings such as electrical sub-stations, relay rooms and pump stations.

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Broken Neutral safety device

Broken Neutral Safety Device

Without this device, a broken neutral condition will go undetected and create an unsafe environment with a high risk of electrocution.

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Pepper Gas Alarm, This Device sprays pepper gas or marking spray.

Pepper Gas Cubicle Unit

This solution can be applied to Recloser Enclosures, Marketing Kiosks, Mini-Substations, Ring Main Units, Signaling Kiosks, Cable Boxes & Containers.

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Overhead Conductor alarm. The alarm is mounted/hanging from overhead electrical wires. It detects irregular movements on the cable so that it could identify between thief or wind.

Overhead Conductor Theft Detection Alarm System

It features a bi-directional mechanism (no mercury switches are used). It is battery operated, with a minimum of three-year life expectancy, and sends messages via GSM to a GNSS platform.

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Mile sight bullet camera.

Off Site Remote Monitoring Surveillance Camera System

These devices are placed in unsuspecting areas to monitor and record any suspicious activities.

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Alarm Mounted on Transformer

Distribution Transformer Alarm System

This solution can be applied to Distribution Transformers, Mini-Substations, Irrigation Pivots, LV Network Metering Kiosks and Electrification Networks.

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Underground Alarm That detect vibrations to send tamper alarms. Mostly Used to protect Underground power cables but its uses may vary

Early Warning Underground Cable Theft Alarm System

This solution is applied below the soil surface above load carrying cable. The solution can be applied onto underground cables and pipes or above ground onto cables, pipes or structures.

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