Tactical Airwing Support

Surveillance drone operation centre vehicle, Drone operator standing next to the vehicle piloting the security drone.

Without extensive mission data, response teams contend with blind spots and are exposed to unnecessary risk. Drones provide quick access to create comprehensive data that is used to optimize our situational awareness.

With our state of the art drone technologies we are able to detect and combat any criminal activity we come up against through the use of our quick deployment strategies and rapid response officers at our aid.

We use the best

Our drones are fully equipped with a wide-angle camera and a radiometric thermal camera. The camera is also equipped to zoom up to 23X with its Hybrid optical zoom feature.

This puts us apart by ensuring you, that we have high-quality eyes in the sky

DJI Matrice RTK 300 equipped with a radar, spotlight and H20 Zenmuse camera with thermal capabilities.
Thermal vision drone screen recording. Drone looking for suspects during night time.

Our drones assist us in gathering critical information when pursuing suspects and criminals, gathering information for our forensics investigations division, and surveillance operations. Our drones would ultimately act as a pillar to combat cable theft.

Advanced Technologies for PCB Board design and Testing
Radiometric thermal camera overview of a scene where one of the Task Force officers are chasing a suspect or criminal.
Surveillance drone operation centre vehicle, CEO pointing at one of the screens.